Life Cycle Management

Integration of development and commercial activities!


Healthcare companies today must focus on defining and delivering value to a diverse range of stakeholders, from discovery to commerce and the end of exclusivity. They are the successful companies that put customers (payers, healthcare providers, patients) at the center of the value delivery process and seamlessly deliver all functions throughout the life cycle. 


Our lifecycle approach is an ongoing process that integrates a comprehensive lifecycle approach for organizations to manage their value chain. It follows a systematic analysis of the potential environmental impacts of products or services throughout their life cycle, managing the disruptive macro trends affecting industry, including rapid technological innovation, shorter product development and turnaround times, and increasing unconventional health impacts, competition and a changing regulatory landscape. 


We support our customers to successfully position their products and create value at all stages of the life cycle, driven by our maxims; Form early, maximize starting order and increase franchise performance. 

Our life cycle management services consists of five main disciplines.

Integrated Development and Commercialisation Process

This approach will ensure one common understanding across all functions of the key attributes that will make a product successful with all stakeholders in the future marketplace and the plans to deliver it. It means we will look at the science and commercial attributes and combine them from the beginning.

Clinical Development


  • Developing and supporting the execution of the Clinical Development Plan 

  • Accelerating the clinical and regulatory strategy


Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Provide a selection of Manufacturing and Supply Chain for clinical and commercial supply

Market Access

  • Develop a global Market Access Strategy

  • Define the optimal pricing point for launch

  • Connect to science and opinion leader in each segment

Product launch

  • Achieve launch excellence at the time of market entry

  • Elaborate global launch concept and partnering options

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