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Contemporary rapidly expanding business environment continuously present companies with numerous challenges. Among these challenges are developing high level of agility in order to survive and adapt to dynamic markets and conditions of competition, leveraging new technological developments to drive innovation in operational capabilities, developing long-term vision that guides strategic decisions and allows for sustainable growth in presence of high uncertainty, and many others. Overcoming these challenges and making provisions for future challenges an integral part of the company’s business processes are crucial to establishing and strengthening sustainable competitive advantage. Our expertise:

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Business Strategy

  • Portfolio Strategy

  • M&A and Licensing

  • Organisation Development

  • Change Management

  • Turn-around Strategy

  • Expansion Strategy

  • Sales Strategy

  • Business opportunities and Partnering


To secure risk capital from seed to series A/B needs necessary expertise and network. Recognising that often small and mid-size companies don't have a focus of expertise, ACCELERO helps to connect you to targeted funding from seed to series A/B for reaching each critical value creating milestones. Our deliverables:

  • Ensure Capital Readiness

  • Financial Modelling and Investment Plan

  • Investment Package

  • Connect and attract to qualified investors

  • Manage Campaign

  • Market Assesments

  • Forecasting and Valuation Modelling

  • Partner and Licensing Search

  • Strategic Investor Diligence

Our process starts with a clients due diligence process before we decide on an engagement. During this process we consider key points related to market parameters, USP, IP, technology aspects, management and potential of realisation. Based on this review we will revise information in a form that potential investors want to see to make make an informed decision making. After finalisation we will provide a list of potential investors for your project and contact them on your behalf. Our deliverables include a teaser or marketing documents, an investor presentation confidential and non-confidential and a summary of the most relevant documents as you walk through the negotiation process.  


Either you are seeking advice to launch a new business or consider an expansion of your current business we will take care of all key elements to build the new business model. An optimised business structure, processes and organisation from the start will show stakeholders and investors well defined options for each step of the development to maximize value. It also will keep you staying ahead of competition, achieving a strategic advantage, increase efficiency and effectiveness. Optimising business processes offers many benefits that can help businesses stay afloat in the tidal and navigating rough seas of the industry as:


  • Increased attractiveness for partnering and investment 

  • Reduced time to market

  • Optimised development path

  • Reduced costs while improving performance

  • Automation 

  • Acceleration of market processes while in compliance

  • Optimised operations and well-utilized resources 

  • Reduced risks and assured quality

  • End-to-end visibility


ACCELERO provides expertise along the entire life cycle in developing, building and implementing clinical, regulatory and commercial strategies for global opportunities. With our multidisciplinary team we are offering decades of strategic development experience, global compliance, and therapeutic experience to ensure your promising therapy isn’t delayed by risk or limited resources. We support:

  • Clinical Development

  • Regulatory & Quality

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • Market Access

  • Pricing 

  • Launch Excellence

  • Marketing Excellence

  • Market Research


Accelero has extensive experience to develop in- and out-licensing campaigns for products and technologies, product and technology scouting from discovery to late clinical phase and in the development of partnering strategies. After the search and evaluation phase we provide support to perform due diligence and negotiation from term sheet to deal closing. During the process we leverage our deep operating and industry expertise to understand our client’s long term growth strategy and develop a consistent strategy that will accelerate that growth trajectory. By identifying gaps or opportunities, we produce a highly targeted acquisition criteria to screen potential targets against. We do:

  • Technology scouting

  • Evaluation of new business and technology opportunities  

  • Identifying investment opportunities

  • Licensing-in and out

  • Evaluation scientific & commercial potential

  • Discover high quality deal flows

  • Support in technology start-up scouting 

  • Performing reviews of portfolio, opportunities and venture 




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