Venture Funding

Raising capital or get funding is a huge management commitment!


Often times, a financial circle becomes a completely consuming distraction for management when they need to continue to focus on building their businesses. We have seen the process many times as entrepreneurs and consultants. We have successfully obtained funding for our own businesses and as advisors to clients seeking capital to fund their efforts. Our network includes traditional sources such as start-up and medium-sized funds, banks, venture capital and private equity funds, as well as family offices and various other equity and debt sources. 


The Process

In order for any corporate to successfully pursue its strategic objectives, it must be sufficiently funded—i.e. have the right amount of money, at the right time, and in the right currency. This requires putting a funding strategy in place that addresses the optimal funding mix and the best source of funds, given the corporate’s operational and strategic investment needs. Although there is not a “one-size-fits-all” funding strategy, general principles can be applied. These are discussed in following five steps:


1. Understand and develop the overall corporate strategy.

2. Determine the funding requirement. 

3. Assess which funding sources to use.

4. Apply basic funding principles, then set the objectives.

5. Approach qualified funding sources


Our services consists of three disciplines:


Transaction readiness


Looking to exit, acquire or raise capital? We have the experience and capabilities to partner with you every step of the way. We will work alongside your business during the pre-transaction phase to ensure it's best positioned prior to launching the ultimate transaction process, including:

  • Agreeing on a strategy, direction and transaction type

  • Preparing credible business plans and financial forecasts

  • Ensuring corporate governance requirements are in order

  • Assessing and providing recommendations on other key functions and teams

  • Structuring the transaction to optimise value


Capital raising


Our capital markets advisory service includes assisting with preparation, structuring and appointing banks or brokers to execute:

  • Initial Public Offerings and follow on equity raisings (including placements and entitlement offers)

  • Fundraising by issuing equity, debt and hybrid securities, including advising on transaction structuring and investor targeting (institutional investors, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, corporates, private equity and high net wealth individuals) from seed to series A/B

  • Acquisition financing packages

  • Sell-downs and block-trades


Mergers and acquisitions, Partnering, Licensing, Asset Scouting


Our advisory services include:

  • Public and private company transactions

  • Acquisitions, disposals and restructuring

  • Evaluating potential corporate transactions and providing business valuations

  • Identifying potential buyers and maximising competitive tension in sale processes

  • Assisting with negotiating and completing transactions

  • Private Equity (e.g. LBO, LBI, etc.) and Venture Capital transactions

  • Capital management initiatives

  • Partnering, Licensing and Asset scouting

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