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The Full Story

In 2015, we launched Accelero by providing outsourced operational services to small to mid-sized companies. Upon working with our first client, a  biotech start-up, and the addition of several other early-stage companies spanning from Berlin to Tel Aviv, we came to understand that companies are in need of market than just operational services.


We have made it our mission to help companies build an integrated strategy and sound financial strategy for their business so they can take their next step in their evolution. With a client base across a broad spectrum of industries seeking custom advisory solutions, we have crafted our approach so that we provide a breath of functions across a variety of functional areas; strategy, capital raise, organisation, life cycle support and operations. In this way, we provide our clients with the services  and support to grow their business  and allow them to focus on what they can do best.

The key to our success is delivering high quality services, professionally, on time and on budget. Client communication is key for our firm. We want to ensure that we understand our clients` needs and that we respond to these needs by providing effective solutions. We want our clients to know that as entrepreneurs, we have been in their shoes and are familiar with their challenges and how to navigate them. We have worked with clients across healthcare; Pharmaceutical, Biotech; Medical Device, Nutrition and Animal Health. Its our goal to ensure that every client is fully engaged, that they have the support and partnership they are seeking, now and during the entire life spam.

In the same way that we’ve built our business and earned the trust of our clients, over time and with an experienced team, we welcome the opportunity to serve you and your business.