Life Cycle Advisory

Maximise opportunities!

Life Science companies are currently experiencing repeating periods of unprecedented change. Driven by shifts in age, demographics, diseases, the entry of new technologies, increased government regulations, and the pace of health care inflation. In consequence, companies have to constantly change in order to cope and align with future industry environments. In order to respond to internal and external market challenges. 


Accelero delivers to its clients a comprehensive and integrated product and life cycle framework. Accelero`s unique value driven approach to life cycle management focus on business vision, outcome and benefits comes first, and that implementation follows business priorities to deliver the full market value of products over time. 

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Product Life Cycle

For each of the life cycle phase we develop targeted strategies and tactics to maximise the time to market including off-patent and exit strategies. 

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We use a science-based process that  to build your capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes.

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Business Expansion

Our service includes opening in another location, adding sales employees, increased marketing, adding franchisees, forming an alliance, offering new products or services, entering new markets, merging with or acquiring another business, expanding globally.

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Manufacturing & Supply 


We guide clients through the design and implementation of operational strategies that will stand the test of time, while creating agility and a product portfolio that is commercially, operationally optimised.

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We support of bringing new products or services to market. Our scoper act of commercialisation entails production, distribution, marketing, sales, customer support, and other key functions critical to achieving the commercial success.  

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Research and Development

Together with our clients we build the R&D strategy and capabilities needed to drive innovation, improve productivity and performance, and develop successful portfolio and asset strategies.