Strategic Readiness

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategy!

To gain a long-term competitive edge and readiness, you need a strategy that takes into account both, external forces and industry trends, competition, compensation, regulation, and your internal context, including organisation’s assets, culture, resources, and implementation opportunities and constraints.


The best strategies are straightforward because they have in-depth and clearly articulated choices for the future. But making decisions and successfully implementing the strategy is challenging.


In this context, Accelero supports and provides tailored approaches to strategy development, execution and implementation. The resulting strategic business readiness plan guarantees your financial and strategic readiness to reach your goals.

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Allocation of Resources

Together we define the allocation of resources and to maximise the value by determining how to allocate these resources to make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

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Portfolio Management

Based on an integrated science and commercial approach we will recommend and decide with you what business to be in or to be out of, creating strategic options by seeding new opportunities and ensuring the portfolio is well balanced relative to trends in the market.

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Organizational Design

We are ensuring you have the necessary structure and related systems in place to create the maximum amount of value. Deciding whether decisions are made top-down or bottom-up.

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Strategic Tradeoffs

One of the most challenging aspects of corporate strategy is balancing the tradeoffs between risk and return across the firm.  We will ensure to have a holistic view of all the businesses combined and ensure that the desired levels of risk management and return generation are being pursued.