Strategic Readiness

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to strategy!


To gain a long-term competitive edge and readiness, you need a strategy that takes into account both, external forces and industry trends, competition, compensation, regulation, and your internal context, including the organisation’s assets, culture, resources, and implementation opportunities and constraints. The best strategies are straightforward because they have in-depth and clearly articulated choices for the future. But making decisions and successfully implementing the strategy is challenging. In this context, we support and provide tailored approaches to strategy development, adaptation, communication and implementation. The resulting strategic business plan guarantees your strategic and financial readiness to reach your goals. 

Our strategic consulting services consists of six disciplines: 

Corporate strategy

Including the formulation of enterprise-wide, business unit and of brand/portfolio strategies and goals. ​


Business Model Transformation

It focuses on the design and development of future-proof strategies, with the key difference that it spans fundamental changes in how business is conducted, often triggered by major changes in the external environment. Business Model Transformation in addition has a wider span than strategy, looking at a range of organisational and operational elements and how they interact to achieve a common goal; such as value propositions, customer segments, cost structures and organisational structures. 


Organisational Strategy


Encompassing the people side of change, aimed at successfully guiding and embedding changes in organisational structure, ways of working or cultural changes within an enterprise. Change management stands at the heart of the service area, spanning advisory expertise to tools and interventions, with leadership alignment, stakeholder management, change interventions and cultural management the main offerings. 

Organisational change services standalone or bundled into larger functional transformations to safeguard the people side of change. 

Functional Strategy 

Our focus involves the development of strategic plans and roadmaps for organisational functions, which can range from sales & marketing to finance, HR, supply chain, R&D or procurement.

Strategy and Operations

Over the past, decade strategic management and operational management have increasingly converged, as topics such as process management, operations and technology have become increasingly important elements of strategy execution. Consequently, our offerings which historically were centred around strategic advisory have been expanded to include operational considerations, and as a result the Strategy & Operations domain has gained significant importance. Going forward, the lines between strategy, operations and technology are forecasted to blur further. 


Digital Strategy

In line with the rise of technology, digital strategies have surfaced to the forefront of strategic work, not just enabling business ambitions, but more than ever representing the crux between success and failed strategies.​

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