Operational Advisory

Change for greater efficiency!


As experts, we identify the real drivers for improved performance and provide practical support to our customers by focusing on the key changes that have a significant impact on value. Typical project settings revolve around growth and efficiency. 


For growth, we support companies in starting optimisation of the portfolio, diversifying product lines, expanding into new markets and looking for acquisition opportunities. We conduct an in-depth assessment that will reveal how and where a company can improve its net margins. Our analysis helps companies to increase their profits through the right mix of pricing strategies, changes in service level, cost reduction, simplification of customers and products and geographic harmonization. 


To increase the organisational effectiveness we developing the organisational and geographic layout for each phase of your life cycle from the start. Our experience shows that companies often tend to establish structures over time, especially during growth phases that later turn out to be not efficient and too expensive. This organizational disruption occurs in the form of unprofitable products or services, dysfunctional organizational structures, KPIs that are inconsistent with strategic goals, and goals that are not based on compensation plans. These inefficiencies create a complication that deteriorates, slows the organization down, and leads to undervalued profitability. We have developed a comprehensive, but simple and effective methodology not only to quickly identify opportunities for improvement, but also to create and implement a change roadmap. 


Our consulting and management services consists of six disciplines:

  • Organisational Operations

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

  • Research & Development

  • Product launch

  • Revenue growth

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