Our Strategic Services

Ensuring corporate success through business development and sustainable strategies

Management and Venture Consulting Life Sciences

Accelero GmbH is a strategic business development company, with a major focus on healthcare. We have worldwide connections which we draw upon and to ensure our clients succeed, on a global scale.


Whether you wish to ensure strategic readiness, raise new capital, penetrate various new markets or strengthen your current share. Accelero`s experienced team can support and, moreover, provides businesses with a complete package of services enabling to take the next step in the development.

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Capital Raise Service

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Strategic Readiness

We will ensure developing the right strategies, making the best possible decisions to ensure that solutions will drive innovation and ensure optimal readiness for growth and profitability..

We collaborate throughout all the investment stages, connect you to and attract potential qualified partners, investors, collaborations, alliances, and to handle your geographical expansion.

Life Cycle Advisory

We support at all stages of the life cycle to ensure the match of science with business goals,  structure processes and ensure organisational readiness. 

Why choose us?

We operate as a trusted advisor to owners, board members and management throughout the entire life cycle. In our work we combine our deep healthcare sector expertise with a collaborative and flexible approach, ensuring our solutions are always appropriate, pragmatic, of top quality, and delivered at speed.


We’ve experienced first-hand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur or leading a growing company. Building a successful business model, raising investment for the first time, execute towards commercialisation is our strengths.


Operating in key regions around the world, we do have a truly global footprint that combines on-the-ground local support with a collaborative and integrated approach that leverages cross-functional expertise.


As your sparring partner we support you through all stages of the life cycle. We focus on innovative approaches enabling the transition to individualised medical care with the patient at the centre.


In today’s environment, rarely does a one-size-fits-all approach yield results. We are pride ourselves on high-touch, responsive client service, tailoring a service offering that draws on our collective experience.

Our Clients

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Ready to find out more?

Since opening our doors in 2015 we are passionate about technologies that can change life for the best and are eager to embark on this exciting adventure together with you, for the benefit of patients. As a durable partner, we take pride to have comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your growing organisation. We are ensuring that innovations are implemented faster and better, and businesses thrive. 


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