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Management and Venture Consulting Life Sciences

ACCELERO supports and empowers life science innovations that work today and deliver into tomorrow. Along the way with you we build your business on strengths, identify and fix weak points, raise investments and support a successful launch into the market. 

Our Services

We guide your business throughout its entire lifecycle, engaging at key transition points, adding expertise that drive your success and value. 


If you need proven solutions, experienced resources, access to a broad network of funding and a team, who has done it before, we are your right partner.   


Strategic Readiness

We will ensure that corporate vision results in achievable solutions to drive innovation. Building a long term-integrated development and commercialisation strategy to develop a sustainable competitive advantage for the cooperation, portfolio and brand. 

Venture Funding

We collaborate closely with founders throughout all the investment stages and ensure funding readiness, connect you to and attract potential qualified investors, partners or investment opportunities. We will be with you through the entire due diligence or until exit.

Life Cycle Management

Operational Advisory

We will support improving the performance that support the organisation's structure including the  organisations design, the geographical expansion, governance, roles and responsibilities, and employee performance. We will reduce risk to meet evolving requirements  and enable execution.

We support at all stages of the life cycle to meet the challenges of a complex environment. Our support will ensure the match of science with business goals to launch into markets, achieve turn-around, measurable, bottom-line results and flawless executed strategies.

Our Clients

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Since opening our doors in 2015 we are passionate about technologies that can change life for the best and are eager to embark on this exciting adventure together with you, for the benefit of patients. As a durable partner, we take pride to have comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organisation. We are ensuring that innovations are implemented faster and better, and businesses thrive. 


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